Path to Life or Death? We Decide. | Robert Heston

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The strategy of our wars has been to get the largest, short term payoff possible… for the American corporations who are involved. This explains the fact that even though we have THE military to end the rest, we never really, successfully conquer and transition all those countries we have attacked or subverted since Vietnam. The most possible money is spent on military might, but it is hardly spent on good sense and forward-thinking combined with the purpose of promoting democracy, freedom, and justice or enrichment and enhancement for the world and its people.

That enrichment means everything and beyond what money can buy. There is no wisdom involved. The forces at play are not concerned with humanity. Conquering a country by a country of our power would certainly require the least amount of violence in most cases. Even the most intelligent (learned) among us can be so short sighted and distracted away from the truth, their existence is as ineffective as the least among us.

Great beasts of wealth use their weapons to slay and devour the lives of others. Claimed noble causes by virtuous armies call for support of those who would fight, or not, and either win or lose. Any one of those countries would succumbed in the face of our weapons and power.

Properly made, the call to war could be as a challenge brought before the world. First words then demonstrations. The challenge forces the change. Violence could always be a last resort. Combined with other intelligent and pro-evolution changes, the new kind of “war” could turn into something interesting, creative, entertaining, grand, and would be the ultimate drama because it would be real. Smaller, more equal countries would be the more likely to use deadly violence as full wars. Not gladiators

The fate of nations and the world can still be determined by power and weaponry. It could be the greatest show on Earth, always. As culture changes, the need for any real wars would eventually go away… for the most part. Strength in self-defense and military need always evolve. The enemy would be who or whatever was a threat to all humanity.

The populations represented by such would be ever stronger and enriched. Wealth could still be inhabited at all levels… of any practical use to the people and the world. Money is only a symptom of the individual of group. Wealth caps will diversify everything Wealth could be celebrated by all, but not for wealth’s sake. The people, who they are, their accomplishments, and contributions would hold the for celebration.

Levels of wealth will have limits. Real wealth can begin where actual creativity and work requires money to represent it. Societies and civilization would have the purpose of perpetuating, enriching, evolving, and expanding our place in space. The overflow of wealth would flow back through the population.

The population will need to be reduced from the current level. Increasingly, more intelligent management of our numbers will evolve. Observe as the otherwise, anywise, managed populations have their numbers reduced anyway… out of necessity. Breed right [or wrong], or slaughter, or arbitrarily kill off, or watch die for lack of, or from our own self emulation by poisons of our own creation. One way or the other the world population will be reduced. Without the right controls, it will be reduced to nothing, forever.

Peter Joseph argues that there is room for many, many more people. He is right. Using clean, recycling, life promoting, environmentally nourishing, common sense and scientifically wise functioning of everything could enable widespread growth. But, over time, the quality of life would be deluded and this insane mass of collective flesh would begin devolving more than evolving. At the same time, it would be ultimately unsustainable with quality of life. Our incredible numbers are and will be far too much of a burden on this planet.

The planet could be made a paradise for all. Work still required, but nothing at all like it is now. Humanity, like its other efforts, would continue to refine, strengthen, train, develop, and otherwise improve its individual bodies along with its world. Interacting with the elements, not just the technology, can remain important.

Is it too late? Change right now?… sure, we could save the world, but you would have to change right now.

No… killing off half the population somehow is not one of the steps. Breeding becomes smarter. Procreation will increasingly result in the better human being. Nothing forced. The values and goals of a wise humanity would naturally guide the best possible ways to “refine” our numbers over time.

Maybe between 3 and 4 billion people? The landscape would reform over the years and centuries. Increasingly, the planet will become the paradise it can be.

We would indeed grow and evolve our technology. The kind of advancement required to span the heavens will now be possible. We can make use of an ever-growing area of space from an ever-growing wealth of resources. Harnessing, converting, and building with cosmic resources on ever grander scales can spread life throughout the galaxy and the universe.

We will never survive the way we are now. We are not going to make it much beyond mid-century. We may have a lot of “smart” people around but, combined, we have little more sense than a mold growing on temporarily existing organic matter. As we grow, we will devour all the nutrients until it is changed and all depleted. In a slow scenario, more than half of us will be dying by our own toxins… our pollution. Clean it up and eventually we fade away. The fading, as or more terrible in its own right than a quicker, more violent end. The planet will be (is) dying with us. It would thrive without us, but we cannot live without it.

Trump is our symbol of everything that is wrong with us. Attacking the symbol has its place but is not what or who is to blame.

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