Dear Mr. President | 02/16/22

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Dear Mr. President…

You're such a dweeb. Putin is playing you like a fiddle. It’s laughable. Of course, you do get to spend more money on weapons ...that's half the reason for all of it anyway, right? Jeez, all those missiles and bombs and no war..... sucks, huh? Plus, there’s no oil like Iraq or gold like the tons of Mu'ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī’s gold in Libya or opium like Afghanistan – not to mention rare minerals. Putin’s not going to invade that country and you know it. Who the fuck wants that stupid country...? bunch of Neo Nazi Morons with nothing to trade ...except, of course, you...LOL

Update, “Ukraine does have something to trade: Ukraine has extremely rich and complementary mineral resources in high concentrations and close proximity to each other. The country has abundant reserves of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, and mercury.” I bet your corporate “campaign donors” would love to get a piece of that action!”

You act like you are going to tame that bear.... think again.... they.... meaning Russia and China, (have you heard?? They’re best buds now …thanks to you) have been getting ready for you for years now. You might manage a controlled conflict and get a bunch of those Ukrainian morons killed but you better think again Einstein. It's too direct. You attack them (Russia) at their border and they are going to rain hell fire all over the place and if you cross that border ---or maybe even if you don't-- you will start a world war and you know what that's going to turn into. In the meantime, China can take a swat at Taiwan and you're off to the races again ...or actually at the same time. Who's paying for that? ...the dollar will be screwed. You, and your history of representing greed, is on the way to killing that dollar anyway. This country is hollowed out ...and guess where a whole lot of those factories went… $30 Trillion dollars in debt and your new enemy has all your stuff …including a whole lot of your debt …of course, you kill the guy you owe the money to and… You can’t even beat a bunch of Middle Eastern hillbillies. What are you going to do with a million Chinese boots on the ground …and now they will be all up on the war tech and have plenty of capabilities those “Gooks” in ‘Nam didn’t have. You think North Korea can put up a fight? (Korean War) …just wait until you take on this tiger. They will be relentless …and you (we) will be done.

You should learn some freaking manners and play nice with the rest of world. Most of the world is sick of having you going around being a big bully and slaughtering thousands, if not millions, of innocent people. You might have most of this country fooled into believing you’re out to fight for democracy and justice, or maybe you don’t, but the whole world knows what you’re about. You wouldn’t know democracy and justice if it slapped you in the face. Your illusion is wearing thin and your American fascist oligarchy is really beginning to piss a lot of people off. You need a big dose of truth….

“You must manufacture an existential threat. Terrorists at home. Russians and Chinese abroad. Expand state power in the name of national security. Beat the drums of war. War is the antidote to divert public attention from government corruption and incompetence. No one plays the game better than the Democratic Party. The Democrats, as journalist and co-founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford said, are not the lesser evil, they are the more effective evil.”

“The US, burdened by de facto tax boycotts by the rich and corporations, is sinking in debt, the highest in our history. The US government budget deficit was $2.77 trillion for the 2021 budget year that ended Sept. 30, the second highest annual deficit on record. It was exceeded only by the $3.13 trillion deficit for 2020. Total US national total debt is over $30 trillion. Household debt grew by $1 trillion last year. The total debt balance in our government Ponzi scheme is now $1.4 trillion higher than it was at the end of 2019. Our wars are waged on borrowed money. The Watson Institute at Brown University estimates that interest payments on the military debt could be over $6.5 trillion by the 2050s. None of this debt is sustainable.”


“At the same time, the US is facing the ascendency of China, whose economy is projected to overtake the US economy by the end of the decade. Washington’s slew of desperate financial tricks – flooding the global market with new dollars and lowering interest rates to near zero – staved off major depressions after the 2000 crash, 9/11 and the 2008 global financial meltdown. The cheap interest rates led corporations and banks to borrow massively from the Federal Reserve, often to paper over shortfalls and bad investments. The result is that US businesses are deeper in debt than at any time in US history. Added to this morass is rising inflation, caused by businesses that have increased prices in a desperate effort to make up for lost revenue from supply chain shortages and rising shipping costs, the economic downturn and the slight wage increases triggered by the pandemic. This inflation has forced the Fed to curtail the growth of the money supply and raise interest rates, which then pushes corporations to further raise prices. The desperate measures to stave off an economic crisis are self-defeating. The bag of tricks is empty. Massive defaults on mortgages, student loans, credit cards, household debt, car debt and other loans in the United States is probably inevitable. With no short-term mechanisms left to paper over the disaster, it will usher in a prolonged depression.”

And here… get the full dose of it here: Democrats: the More Effective Evil

So… go ahead and get that world war going. Just remember, a war at that level is going to be really bad for business …especially after most of the population is dead and dying from either disintegration or radiation. However, you would be famous. You would be the biggest moron in the whole history of the planet. Unfortunately, some of the survivors might just snatch you out of your underground paradise and hang you in public –then they might just roast you on a spit for dinner because they will be starving to death-- and it probably wouldn’t be long before there was no one around to remember your achievement.




Update | 02/22/22

Well, I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth, or did I? I didn’t know that your Nazi buddies in the Ukraine were still trying to slaughter, you know, commit genocide, against those Russian speaking people in the Eastern Ukraine. According to Putin they are not part of the Ukraine anymore …and that sounds like a damn good idea. You remember the Nazis, right… tried to take over the world, slaughtered millions of Jews, Gypsies, disabled and old people, killed 20 million Russians and I don’t know how many Allied troops and citizens. What was his name? Oh yeah, Hitler. That’s who your new friends worship. Does that make you a Nazi? …maybe. You’re on the wrong side DipWad. And… you are the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Should I go into detail about all the dictators you have installed in place of democracies you have destroyed? Or… how about all the millions of innocent people you have slaughtered along the way since WWII? Or…. All the sovereign countries you have invaded and destroyed for no good reason except to get at their resources for your corporate friends? Or… how about all the innocent people you are literally murdering at this moment? Oh, but, “Putin’s gonna try to have a military coup and install a puppet president.” You mean he is planning to take out YOUR puppet president that YOU installed by destroying democracy in the Ukraine? You know not! Sieg Heil Biden…. Looks like your Nazi friends might be about to get their asses kicked….LOL…more.LOL.

Don’t just leave it to me to tell it… Caitlin Johnstone says it better in her latest article (read and/or listen to it):

Perhaps The US Should Shut The Fuck Up About Respecting Other Countries’ Sovereignty


Update: 02/23/22

The martyr yet lives! People all over the world are contributing millions to his defense but not only defense of Julian Assange himself. It will go to many good things. You cannot take away what he is. His legacy will be the truth and yours will be the consequences of all your lies.

The Cypherpunks Mobilize to Save Julian Assange

You would crucify the truth itself ...even though it would not hide it. Of course, you are about the most powerful rotten fascist pig in the world --at the moment-- and mere millions cannot change that. Of course, money determines your decisions. How much ransom to free Assange? $1 Billion good enough, asshole?

Think anyone would offer that for your hide ...if you take away the office?

$91.8 million + $52 million and counting ...collected for Assange so far.

Meanwhile in the Ukraine ___________________________

Your adversary is a legend in his own time. You should back off.
You are a lousy hypocrite. Your Nazi buddies from Western Ukraine want to kill the Russian ones in the Eastern Ukraine. Looks like Putin has a solution for that.

You are defending a right for the Western Ukraine to try and slaughter the people in the East. Fuck that. 14,000 already dead. You are a murdering SOB. proxy, perhaps. Like Yemen ...not to mention others over time. Your Nazi buddies better give up some ground or I think they will likely get their ass kicked.

You know... you are being a total asshole with those sanctions and it will do you no good at all.


Update | 02/24/22

You are putting those sanctions on Russia because they are stopping you from installing missile bases on part of their border. You don’t give a rat’s ass about those Ukrainian people. Hell, the West was in the process of trying to kill off the people in the East. You are trying to defend their right to kill all those people …as if they had some sort of right to do so. Putin is the one taking the high ground in this story. He’s got the balls to defend those people and his border. You, on the other hand, are a mass murdering hypocrite from hell.

Putin is about to stop a war that has been going on since 2014 –thanks to you-- and he will rescue all those Russian speaking people in the East from your Nazi militias. You supplied them with weapons beginning in 2014 so the West could kill those people. You gave them missiles with white phosphorus warheads …among other things. Finding a mass grave would not be a surprise.

You are about to kill roughly One-Million Children in Afghanistan. You blame them for 9/11. They had nothing to do with it. You did that. You killed 576,000 children under the age of five in Iraq in the early 1990’s. You are helping to kill off all those people in Yemen. You are trying to kill people in Venezuela. You have slaughtered millions across the Middle East …millions of innocent people. More women and children than men. You destroyed the homes of tens of millions of people who became refugees.

You talk about violating a country’s sovereignty to Russia. You have violated the sovereignty of many countries in terrible, murderous fashion. Your reasons for doing so are all lies.

I really hate to sound like I support someone like Putin, but I call it like I see it.

Oh my, Putin plans to take out our friends, the Neo Nazi Party, in the Ukraine. Shame on him. If they want to be Nazis they should have the right to, right? We have them in America. Maybe Biden should invite them over to the White House for dinner... Wouldn't that be a hoot? Ya'll could drink Augustiner-Bräu Edelstoff and throw darts at a Star of David dart board.



Update | 03/01/22

The Consequences of Humiliating Russia

February 28, 2022 at 17:33

"For all America’s elaborate plans & scheming against Russia, it has sowed the seeds towards its own inevitable demise as a Global Empire? Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a Plan, until they get punched in the Mouth” & that is exactly what is happening now with the Russians staring down & standing up to the Global Bully, America, & punching them in the mouth & in effect saying that they have had enough of America’s scheming plans, provocations & Western humiliation, IT’S OVER, ENOUGH! Forget about Ukraine & what’s happening there, Ukraine will be annexed back into Russia just like Crimea, but this is really about Russia facing off against America using the backdrop of Ukraine? Over recent days, America & the collective West have thrown the Economic kitchen sink at Russia but have now exhausted all their Economic Warfare options in ONE GO, in a mad & insane, last ditch attempt to finish off Russia, a hail Mary pass? THEY HAVE NOTHING LEFT IN THE CUPBOARD OF TRICKS NOW, but just like this same Regime change strategy & agenda failed in China & lesser Countries like Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Syria & other places, this is going to fail massively here because Russia is too big a Energy supplier & Commodity superpower than those other targeted Nations & has prepared for this! And the damage to America’s reputation & trust in the US dollar is now irreparable, the USD system is built entirely on trust in its currency but America has abused that trust so badly that faith in the USD is evaporating because it’s abused its Financial USD & SWIFT System to punish Nations it disagrees with, like Russia, to such a extent that its Financial reputation is destroyed? The Economic & Banking attack on Russia has not gone unnoticed in other Nations & I believe that a Alternative Financial Architecture & alternatives to SWIFT are now being prepared so other Nations can detach themselves from the US Dollar system? America has weaponised the USD & overused the Sanction punishment to such a extent that its going to lead too its own destruction & it will have no one to blame but itself? Russia & China will rise to dominate the World & America will become like the former Soviet Union & then it will be America’s turn to be humiliated!"


Update | 03/03/22


Story of Russia and Ukraine and the Cause of the War


Update | 03/22/22

Dear Mr. President...  You should learn to play nice with your neighbors. They may very well cut "you" out of their monetary system. You have forced them to create one of their own ...and they will. I have to wonder if you are doing all this insanity on purpose. You are forcing the Russians and the Asians together and they have made a lot of friends. A very large part of the world will no longer need to succumb to your bullying. They will soon no longer need the US dollar. What are you going to do, start a world war? You can't win. No one could.

You greedy fucks moved all the industry out of the country. You gave it to your competition to a large degree. You had to know it could come to this.

"In an encounter with reporters last week, President Joe Biden described the Russian leader as “a war criminal.”  This came as demands for direct U.S. intervention in Ukraine grow shriller. You have to love The New York Times, and especially its national-security clerk, David Sanger. He added that Biden “was speaking from the heart, his aides said.” A man of humane passions, our president."

"You would have thought “war criminal” was enough, but no. Biden went on to call Putin “a murderous dictator, a pure thug.” Our Times reporter, who operates far too close to the spooks in my professional judgment, then explained, in case we missed it: “Mr. Biden and his top aides frame Mr. Putin as a pariah, an indiscriminate killer who should be standing trial at The Hague.” ...indeed?! But who should go first? Perhaps the ones who perpetrated their offenses first? If not that then the ones who perpetrated the greatest crimes? Either way, guess who goes first? I'm sure the world would love to see the warmongers who killed their own only to justify slaughtering millions in the Middle East receive justice. Of that, I have no doubt. A beloved hero of practically the whole Earth, the messenger of your crimes, sits in prison awaiting extradition... a captive of the criminals themselves. You can crucify him but you certainly cannot crucify the truth.

See? You could be like the good ole boys and play nice....

...they look like they just burned one..... looks like FDR has it. He looks trashed ...probably bogarting that thing.

Here, you should read this: PATRICK LAWRENCE: Imperial Infantilism

You should especially read the part underneath the sub-header "Question of Statesmanship" ...something you wouldn't know jack shit about.

And, when you're done reading that, you should read both articles on this page: Economic Backlash throughout the European Union

...perhaps you are not already aware of such things? Or ...perhaps you are, but I cannot fathom why you would move towards actually forcing the economic demise of this country. The world will soon ignore the big bully.



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