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Here's the list for this week. Unfortunately, this is just a one man show and I have to work extra days so no graphics again this week. Many good articles here. Cover art is by Matt Wuerker.


Mike Pompeo and CIA Sued for Illegal Surveillance of Assange’s Visitors

Mississippi Town Hired Racist Cop to Terrorize Black Residents, Advocates Say

Judge Orders Starbucks to Reinstate 7 Fired Pro-Union Workers in Memphis

Corporate Media Stays Silent as US Air Strikes Kill at Least 20 in Somalia

Europe Is Trying to Solve Its Energy Crisis With Fossil Fuel Projects in Africa

Fed Meeting Minutes Show the Bank May Unleash Mass Unemployment, Economists Say

Capitalism Won’t Fix the Climate Crisis. It Will Also Not Survive It.

Calls Mount for Release of Saudi Woman Facing 34 Years in Prison Over Tweets

Four Reasons Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

Liz Cheney and Donald Trump—The Two Faces of American Totalitarianism

Federal Judge Orders Starbucks to Rehire Fired Union Organizers in Memphis

Who Are the 10 Most Dangerous People in America?

The Founding Fathers Would Revile What Trump's Republican Party Has Become

"Stop The Dirty Pipeline Deal": Activists Arrested In Blockade of Senator Schumer's Office Over Pipeline Side Deal

70+ Economists Say US Must Return $7 Billion Stolen From Afghan People

Kids Born Near Fracking Sites 2-3 Times More Likely to Develop Leukemia: Study

Two Weeks Before Payments Resume, Progressives Tell Biden 'Time to Cancel Student Debt'

The Biden-Trump Persecution of Julian Assange

Scientists Petition EPA to Take Bold Steps

How the Saudis are Trying to Hijack Golf…With Trump’s Help

Why Lithium Power Politics Are Playing Out Very Differently in Chile and Bolivia

The Fall Of A Great American Newspaper … and Democracy

The U.S. Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracking and Rounding Up Dissidents

Family Members of 9/11 Victims Tell Biden to Return Frozen Funds to Afghans

Will China Mess with US Warships Headed for Taiwan Strait?

Former CIA Officer Joshua Schulte Faces as Many as 80 Years in Prison After Being Convicted for Providing Information to WikiLeaks

Saving Earth

The Instinctive Distrust of Big Media

Police Lied to Search Breonna Taylor’s Home

The SHTF Is Happening RIGHT NOW (Hint: The last word is "Fan")

As US Announces New $800M Ukraine Arms Package, Here’s The Total List Since War’s Start

Venezuela Stops Oil Shipments To Europe As Alternatives To Russian Energy Dry Up

Tent Cities Are Taking Over Vast Stretches Of Our Major Cities (And It Is Only Going To Get Worse)

Pandemic Lies Infect the UN and the US

Notified! Letters Have Been Sent to Education and Health Officials in All 50 States about EMF/RF Radiation Exposure Risks to Kids

The FDA Has Deceived Americans about Cell Phone and Other Wireless Radiation Exposure Risks for Decades (Timeline)

Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: Who Will Protect Us from the Government’s Standing Army?

Mountain With 60-90% Gold Soil Discovered In Congo

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead To Unprecedented Shortages In 2023?

Say NO to Quarantine Camps in NY!

The 5 Cities With the Highest Inflation in America

Incoming Huge Solar Storms Could Destroy Many Satellites, U.S. Gov’t Scientist Warns

Technocommunism Digital I.D. Scheme: The WEF's Blueprint for Planetary Slavery

The Satanic Verses Sells in Droves After Salman Rushdie Attack

How We Have Been Misled About Antidepressants

Israel Has Officially Banned Fluoridation of Its Drinking Water

The Real Story of America Abandoning The Gold Standard

World Economic Forum Makes Big Push for Digital Identity Programs Around the World

Proof: The Mainstream Media Is Being Paid to Ignore Vaccine Injuries/Deaths

Now That the IRA Is Law, the Climate Movement’s Fight Has Just Begun

Ask a Railroad Worker: How Did Railroad Jobs Get So Bad?

‘No Farms, No Food:’ Dutch farmers confront billionaire ‘green’ elite’s food system reset plan

How Britain fueled Ukraine’s war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia

Establishment smear merchants The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone and their perceptible intelligence ties

The corporate network’s cave-in followed a coordinated wave of outrage from the Ukraine lobby and pressure from the Pentagon

VIDEO: Germany criminalizes journalist for exposing Ukrainian war crimes

A Story Too Big for the New York Times

Washington’s Assassination Bureau

Russia’s Destruction of the Ukraine Military

The Triumph of Lies over Truth, of Tyranny over Freedom Is the Story of Our Time

“I’m Worried We’re Becoming A Thought-Controlled Dystopia, Like China!”

The Human Species Is Acting Like A Self-Destructive Individual

Democrats: Use Labor Day as an Action Day to Highlight Workers Rights

Hostile Architecture Is Evil and Should Be Banned

If We Want Humanity to Survive, We Must Cooperate With China

Biden Ignores the Injustice of Israel Killing a Palestinian American Journalist

Finland asks: Does a prime minister have a right to party?
Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) (Official Music Video)

Climate bill’s unlikely beneficiary: US oil and gas industry

Hawaii seeks end to strife over astronomy on sacred mountain


The Meaning of Incredible

We’re witnessing the destruction of every institution in the land and nobody knows how to stop it….

The CDC seems to think nobody will notice its crimes, and the crimes of its sister agencies, FDA, NIAID, NIH (and the White House Task Force) if it strolls jauntily into the fall season whistling a happy a tune: Nevermind Covid anymore, la la la…. Did I say crimes? Yes, I did. As in gross violations of the law and the basic social contract.

They lied about their roles in the nefarious origins of SARS CoV-2. They conjured up — already had waiting, actually — dangerous genetic treatments masquerading as “vaccines” and then they faked the safety trials to rush them into use. They denied people proper, effective treatments with inexpensive drugs and killed them with ventilators and remdesivir — solely to maintain a fraudulent emergency use authorization (EUA) that shielded “vaccine” companies from lawsuits. Once the “vaccines’ were widely distributed — and forced upon many people with mandates — they confabulated and hid information about adverse reactions and deaths. They destroyed countless small businesses, livelihoods, households, and hindered children’s development with lockdowns. And they used both social and news media to censor their critics in direct violation of the first amendment. That’s all.

Oh, one more thing: they destroyed modern medicine. They will probably assist in the destruction of law, too, because the legal system will never be able to handle the volume of lawsuits against all parties involved in the Covid “vaccine” mass slaughter — including the corporations that forced their employees to get vaxxed and the pharma companies themselves, who will lose their EUA protections once their fraud is proven. And they will hasten the death of an already ailing financial system that can’t bear the wealth transfers implied in the foregoing (on top of the worst debt crisis in human history).

You think I exaggerate? We’re sailing into the flu season with millions of people whose immune systems are wrecked by multiple shots of mRNA novelty drugs. They are also susceptible to many viruses and bacteria which normally lurk in everybody’s bodily ecosystem, but would be controlled by otherwise healthy immune systems. Likewise, their hacked immune systems are no longer able to suppress cancers — many forms of which are already way up above normal statistical levels. Not to mention damage done to cardiovascular systems by spike proteins, which linger in human bodies for more than a year after “vaccine” shots, as well as neurological and brain damage.

Former Wall Street analyst Edward Dowd said yesterday (Aug 18) that a Society of Actuaries report just made public shows that a 20 percent uptick in excess deaths among working age people, which began with vaxx mandates in the fall of 2021, continued into the second quarter of 2022.  Actuaries are the people who compile and analyze statistics for insurance companies.

So, all week the CDC has been walking-back one “guidance” after another. No more compulsory testing, no more contact-tracing, no more social distancing, no more treating the unvaxxed differently than the vaxxed (though the “Joe Biden” regime still won’t allow unvaxxed travelers into the USA), no more vaxx mandates (except, apparently, the US military). Oh, and they’ve conceded that their “vaccines” do not remain in the deltoid muscle, but actually leak all over the body. Note: whatever else the public health agencies are saying or doing right now, they are still promoting the mRNA vaccines, and lying about their safety and effectiveness — because if they told the truth, they would be completely discredited and surely subject to criminal prosecution. And they are still suppressing cheap and effective treatment protocols while promoting remdesivir and the useless (plus expensive) Paxlovid.

The CDC capped the week’s walk-back campaign by announcing a major overhaul of how the agency works. (The FDA and other public health entities made no such promises.) CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, fronting for other little-known federal  bigwigs actually called in to clean-up after her, made the hilarious statement: “I look forward to working with the incredible people at CDC and our partners to realize the agency’s fullest potential to benefit the health and well-being of all Americans.” What a dim bulb. Does she know the definition of the word incredible? (Here it is: impossible to believe.)

Of course, the more sobering picture is that virtually all American institutions are now incredible, impossible to believe, starting from the top: “Joe Biden” as president. The executive branch of the government is being run by Barack Obama and a claque around him and is being run into the ground either on-purpose or out of astounding incompetence. Attorney General Merrick Garland flamboyantly disgraces the very idea of justice with Stalinesque political prosecutions. FBI Director Christopher Wray flouts every attempt to extract the truth about his agency’s operations, and at least half the country believes he’s turned it into a secret police operation like the Gestapo. The college presidents and deans have dishonored the idea of truth-seeking with their cowardly submission to Jacobin-Marxist maniacs and their program of anti-knowledge. And who in America really trusts his doctor? (Not me. Mine is the “chief medical officer” of my network and he’s still pushing “vaccines.”)

We allowed this to happen. We tolerated this exorbitant abuse by runaway authorities-gone-criminal. We let them get away with their bullshit about “defending our democracy” when they are actively and visibly destroying it. Serious people must be seriously asking themselves: what will it take to stop them now?

James Howard Kunstler |  CLUSTERFUCK NATION – BLOG

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