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Here we go again. The United States wants to destroy a legitimate government because they are after the oil. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. You know the US is going after that. There's a handful of rich folks down there that own almost everything and they want to rule the country. The President was voted in by a majority of the people. It's that democracy stuff that the United States hates so much and loves to destroy. Well, the rich ones use their power to make everything go bad for the economy and the people then they blame the president. Of course, the US could care less about the people in that country. They don't even care about their own people let alone a bunch of peasants standing between them and those giant oil reserves. The US never gives a damn about the people in those other countries. The US supports vicious dictators that slaughter and torture their people. All the United States cares about is that oil and it will not be long before they crush that country and get it.

"Russia accused Washington of plotting a coup attempt and had tried to stop the meeting requested by the United States. "Venezuela does not represent a threat to peace and security. If anything does represent a threat to peace, it is the shameless and aggressive action of the United States and their allies aimed at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of Venezuela," Russia's UN ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, told the UN Council." __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Trump's 'Axis of Evil': Pompeo, Bolton & Abrams - Link

'This is truly an ominous development for the poor people of Venezuela.'

56 Minutes Video Program | Max explores the questions of why the United States and Israel go into to other countries and bomb the hell out of them. Why they create wars and enemies. Why they implement sanctions that starve all the children to death, why they slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people, why they provide support to so called terrorists and use them in one country and fight them in other countries. Why would people in these other countries try to fight back? Would you try to fight back if some big bully like the US came to your country and killed millions of innocent people? What would you do if you survived an attack that killed your wife and children and most of your neighbors and destroyed your country? The United States is simply after the resources. They murder countless people and destroy their countries because they want to steal all of their resources. Part of the way they do that is to lie to you and make up reasons to justify attacking these other countries. The US government has even been willing to kill its own people to make up excuses for attacking other countries. Why do the American people tolerate a government that boldly murders thousands of its own citizens as a prelude to a war based on bullshit?

The Reality of the Human Condition | Max Igan

Move over Roundup, now we have Dicamba! The GMO crops it is meant for can withstand the stuff, but normal plants cannot take it. One of the reasons they genetically modify the food plants is so they can spray much more weed killers and pesticides on them.

"Joyce leans against the greenhouse he’s building, hands in the pockets of his overalls, peering at the field where he started nearly 800 tomato plants in the spring. It was early August when the telltale signs of trouble emerged. The plants’ broad, flat leaves shriveled and curled, their branches twisted and buckled. Then blossom rot set in. Joyce knew they couldn’t be saved. He climbed onto his tractor and mowed down his bestselling crop — for the third year in a row."

"The plague that struck Joyce’s farm in Malden, Missouri, was not a natural disaster, but a man-made weedkiller called dicamba. Farmers had applied the drift-prone chemical sparingly for decades. But in the past two years, its use has grown exponentially, and now dicamba is destroying millions of acres of crops worth millions of dollars, pitting farmer against farmer and scientists against manufacturers." __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Scientists warned this weedkiller would destroy crops. EPA approved it anyway. Link

The agency based its decision on 'shockingly insufficient' company studies. Now millions of dollars in soybeans and other crops have been destroyed.

The name of the EPA should be changed to the EEA.... "Environmental Exploitation Agency" | The EPA is in the business of protecting corporations first then, maybe, us and the environment... maybe, but more often than not, it will be at our expense even if it means lots of people will die. | GMO [genetically modified organisms] crops have been modified to withstand larger, more potent doses of insecticides and weed killers. The next time you bite into that big, beautiful, perfect Red Delicious apple remember that it looks like that because it is a GMO and it has been sprayed with a whole lot of poison.... that gets through the skin, soaks into the ground, gets absorbed by the tree roots, and makes it into the apples. Anyway... this insecticide kills Non-GMO plants growing in the vicinity of the GMO fields that got sprayed... and, of course, it kills the bees. Lose the bees and we lose about two-thirds of our food.

"While soybean farmers watched the drift-prone weed killer dicamba ravage millions of acres of crops over the last two years, Arkansas beekeeper Richard Coy noticed a parallel disaster unfolding among the weeds near those fields." __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Bees Face Yet Another Lethal Threat in Dicamba, a Drift-Prone Pesticide - Link


Rotten people like Betsy DeVos, and pretty much all of Trump's appointees, work against the public interest and seek only to use the government to make more money for corporate interests. Like all of our other democratic institutions, they are trying to destroy the public school system. A privatized school system would generate large profits for a few corporations, reduce the pay and benefits for the teachers so that they would be poor, and it would reduce the quality of education. Of course, the the reps in congress have been trying to hurt the public school system for many years. Most of them just care about the corporations that bribe them and not the people they are supposed to represent.

But... the people are the real power and when we unite and refuse to be exploited, it works. It is just a matter of everyone joining together to stand up to what are nothing more than a bunch of leeches who are abusing the power that we give them. The majority of Americans just try to ignore the political process, but we can no longer afford to do that. The people in power now are essentially criminals who are stealing our country away from us. __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Betsy DeVos and the Privatizers She Backs Have Met Their Match - Link

Democracy Now! Video Included with the article.

29 Minutes Video Comedy News | This week Lee trashes NATO, covers the action in Venezuela, and announces some sad news about the monarch butterfly. Then Natalie McGill takes on a story about car dealers neglecting to advertise their electric vehicles and Naomi Karavani brings you the news about NewsGuard - the next step in censoring news publications that the establishment disapproves of. [[Our government wants to do to us the same thing that China does to its people. They want to censor the news so that all you get is whatever they are willing to show in the mainstream media which is already heavily censored.]]

~229~ The Truth About NATO, Venezuela Chaos, New Age of Censorship | Redacted Tonight

We might see some action down in South America sometime soon. The United States has been fighting against democracy down there for more than a century. They have promoted and empowered ruthless, murderous dictators and fascist authoritarian puppets that all cut deals with American corporations to let them take the countries' resources and impoverish the populations. Now the US is after a few countries down there where the 1% has all the money and all those people are just getting in the way. Solution? Support rebel forces to take over the democratic governments and kill off the current administrations or just fly in there and bomb the crap out of all those pesky people and just take those countries from them. You bomb them for a couple of days and slaughter about 10% of them and you can move in and take whatever you want and get your new dictator in place. Any of those peasants want to complain about it, just torture them to death... nothing to it. There's a lot of oil in Venezuela!! __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


The U.S. Has Venezuela in Its Crosshairs - Link

28 Min.Video || "As Medicare for All legislation heads towards Congressional hearings, here's a look at why even well-meaning projects and reforms inside our for-profit system are doomed from the outset. Next up, this country's got land for sale – so long as you're willing to destroy it for a measly profit margin and a step towards our painful collective suicide. And finally, Extinction Rebellion comes to the states. From tweets to marching in the streets, this is Act Out!"

[Act Out! 192] - Public Hospitals Don’t Exist, Land & Future For Sale + Stateside Rebel For Life

The total bailout of the banks and investment firms that crashed the economy in 2008 is $4.6 Trillion. It crashed because of what they were doing... because they were breaking the laws to make money. That bailout is still being paid out. It is supposed to save those companies so they can give jobs to Americans. There's a lot of jobs out there.... sure there is... but the ever growing world of poverty is waiting for you with low wages and little to no benefits. That is including more and more college educated kids these days. It is growing. Students currently owe about $1 Trillion dollars in student loan debt... a fraction of what we are giving away to rich criminals that are on the way to doing the same thing again. The grads will work and generate more wealth. The bankers and investors will shuffle their money around and gobble up most of the generated wealth the grads produce. The grads contribute to this society. The investors just suck all the blood out of this society. The people could own the means of production and live happily ever after without a small group of insatiable parasites at the top. The wealth can go to the contributors and to the infrastructure of their world. There can still be wealthy people and great benefit for contributions to our society. There is no need for poverty, but poverty is what a growing number of us will get unless we unite to end this ridiculous nightmare. We generate the wealth and we have the real power, but we have to unite to use it. __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Hunger And Homelessness Are Widespread Among College Students, Study Finds - Link

Not mentioned here, the warming waters will soon release our death. Release 50 of the 1,000 Gigatons of frozen methane in the Arctic Ocean in a single event and life on Earth, for the most part, will end. Some of it is floating the water and much more of it is laced along the seabed. The release of frozen methane in the Arctic Ocean has been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. "The “Atlantification” and “Pacification” of the Arctic has begun. As warmer waters stream into an increasingly ice-free Arctic Ocean, new species — from phytoplankton to whales — have the potential to upend this sensitive polar environment."  __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Alien Waters: Neighboring Seas Are Flowing into a Warming Arctic Ocean - Link

The oceans absorb a lot of the CO2 from the atmosphere. That carbon makes the ocean water more acidic. On top of that, the oceans are getting warmer because of global warming. There is also an awful lot of pollution going into the oceans and that certainly does not help matters. All that combined is killing the coral reefs around the world, but that is not all... "As oceans warm, coral reefs are suffering not only from bleaching but from deadly outbreaks of disease. Researchers are developing remedies, but the key question is whether these solutions can work on a large-enough scale to save vast reef systems from Florida to Australia." __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


As Disease Ravages Coral Reefs, Scientists Scramble for Solutions - Link

Fresh water around the world is slowly becoming scarce. The glaciers of mountain ranges around the world are melting away and they are not coming back. Those glaciers feed the rivers. Overpopulation is also using it up. Not only are there more people using water, but those people must be fed so there are increasing amounts being used to irrigate crops and give to livestock. "As the Southwest faces rapid growth and unrelenting drought, the Colorado River is in crisis, with too many demands on its diminishing flow. Now those who depend on the river must confront the hard reality that their supply of Colorado water may be cut off." __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


The West’s Great River Hits Its Limits: Will the Colorado Run Dry? - Link

The CIA needs to stay and continue managing opium production into heroin for the United States. When the Taliban controlled, Afghanistan produced 7% of the world's heroin. When the US chased them back towards Pakistan, Afghanistan went from producing 7% to 90% of the world's heroin and the US consumes 80% of that. You know they don't want to let that go.

As the US military kills civilians in Syria and CIA-led Afghan forces continue to commit war crimes, it appears Trump is doing the right thing in pulling out military troops. But the CIA will remain and grow stronger after the US troops leave. “[A]s American military forces are set to draw down, the role of the Central Intelligence Agency is only likely to grow in importance,” according to The New York Times. __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


As Trump Orders US Out of Afghanistan, Notorious CIA-Backed Units Will Remain - Link

The struggle against the monstrous radical evil that dominates our lives—an evil that is swiftly despoiling the earth and driving the human species toward extinction, stripping us of our most basic civil liberties and freedoms, waging endless war and solidifying the obscene wealth of an oligarchic elite at our expense—will be fought only with the belief that resistance, however futile, insignificant and even self-defeating it may appear, can set in motion moral and spiritual forces that radiate outward to inspire others, including those who come after us. It is, in essence, an act of faith. Nothing less than this faith will sustain us. We resist not because we will succeed, but because it is right. Resistance is the supreme act of faith. __Read More or Click the preview on the Right


Resistance Is the Supreme Act of Faith - Link

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