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You will not hear about it in the TV news. You will not read about it in the newspapers. You would rarely come across it in any magazines. For the most part, American citizens are oblivious to the incredible amount of death their military has caused in the Middle East since the early 1990’s.

Before the 2003 attack against Iraq, the US and NATO had sanctions against Iraq. As a direct cause of those sanctions, approximately 576,000 children under the age of 5 died. About 1.3 Million total deaths. We killed about 1 million people in Iraq beginning with the bombings of 2003. Since then we went on to kill another million. The fallout from depleted uranium munitions has killed countless numbers of people while causing all sorts of terrible birth defects. This was all supposed to be in the interest of liberating Iraq and revenge for 9/11. The loss of medical care, clean water, food to eat, and other services vital to the life of a civilization have and continue to kill multitudes of people there.

During our campaigns against the various countries in the Middle East, we have killed approximately 4 million people. It is easily safe to say that at least two-thirds of them have been innocent. The majority of the innocents are women and children.

Did we liberate them? Did we bring justice and democracy to their countries? No and no. We did, however, liberate tens of millions of people from their homes. Were we fighting a war against terrorism? No, the terrorists are of our own invention. If we fought these so-called wars, then did we win? No. Are these countries better off thanks to us? No, they are in horrible condition. Can you justify all this slaughter? No. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, did not have any WMD’s, and was not operating as a threat to us. What did we get out of Afghanistan? We trained and supplied a lot of what was to become our future terrorists. It was an effort to have them defeat Russia while they were there. What did we get? Opium. Thanks to us, Afghanistan went from supplying about 7% of the world’s heroin, under the control of the Taliban, to about 90%. Have you been hearing about the heroin epidemic in the US lately? America consumes about 80% of that 90%.

What about Libya? We got rid of the “evil” Omar Gaddafi. We also decimated the country and left it that way. What did we get? We did manage to loot about 1 billion dollars from their bank on the way out. What about Syria? We have tried to get rid of Bashar al-Assad so we could get a puppet government in there. We claimed to be fighting terrorists over there. What about those terrorists over there? We were not fighting them, we were supporting them. We were guarding the oil the terrorists were exporting to Turkey to finance our purported enemies. Russia nipped that one in the bud.

You could write a book about the war crimes, immoral actions, wholesale slaughter of innocents, and hypocrisies we have perpetrated throughout the Middle East. Some have indeed been written. Yet, most of the American public knows little to nothing about any of it. If asked, those people are likely to try and justify it…. “Defending America” “Collateral Damage” “Children use weapons too” “All those Muslims are our enemy” …and so on.

Now, there might be something to the “defending America” argument. The US government, especially the CIA, would train and fund “terrorists” so they could use them to fight against the existing governments in their countries. Why? The US wanted to take down those existing governments and replace them with puppet governments. Why? It’s about the money, among other things. The problem is, all those types of efforts have gone on to create one hell of a beast! So, that beast is something to be concerned about because “it” does not like America. Why, if we trained them and funded them? We have slaughtered millions of their wives and children. We have decimated their countries and left them in ruins. We have created tens of millions of refugees. And, the spoils of war are still there to be fought over.

How are you responsible? How is it that this is “in your name?” It is your country doing it. It is your tax money paying for it. It is also your economy that is suffering dearly from paying for it. Here are a few article links supporting the death that has been carried out in your name.

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  • All these great, US Military Generals in command of a military larger than that of the rest of the world combined can’t beat a bunch of Middle Eastern Hillbillies with some inferior weapons and no air force for the most part. WTF!! Is it?! “It’s a Racket,” that’s WTF it is. It is yours or your neighbor’s kid’s legs or life for the profit of people the likes of the Koch Brothers, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, James Simons, Len Blavatnik, Carl Icahn, Li Ka-shing, George Soros, Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, Jorge Lemann, all the defense industry related corporations, most of the politicians in Washington, and a good chunk of Wall Street. If you are that big and powerful, you set or expand your borders. If you must, you move in and conquer or pull your borders back. That’s “conquer.” You want to get rid of illegal narcotics, you move in and conquer …or you might as well go get high. But, don’t feed it to the people then punish them for it. They should punish you for setting them up to fail just so you can get rich. What would you ever do if… Everyone paid off their debt; Everyone decided to start recovering from drug addiction, Everyone stopped using dope long enough for your dope sources to fall; The poor and middle and upper-middle classes paid taxes at the same level as the rich and large corporations; the young grew sick of joining your military; the police started caring more about the people than any laws you design to oppress them; the police stopped abusing their power and murdering defenseless people in the street; the police stopped assaulting protestors and started protecting and defending them; the art world came alive with visions of an intelligent, creative, life promoting, future far different from the one you are trying inflict; and the people became sick of your ignorant propaganda and started waking up to the world to save it before you can destroy it anymore?! How about it Trump & Co.?!

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